African Swine Fever, Psychology of Russiagate, & Open Relationships – HTS 20

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Why Uber is Losing Money, Why Self Driving Cars Won’t Work, & Brain Region Activated by Pokémon

Safety Concerns for Generic Drugs Made Overseas and Generic Drug Price Fixing

African Swine Fever Hurting Pork Production

Denver Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms, Biodegradable Bags Not Truly Biodegradable & Can Marijuana Improve Your Relationship?

Psychology of Russiagate

Penis Enlargements Risky & Ineffective, Couples Having Less Sex, & Open Relationships

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The Verge: Bird has a new electric scooter: it’s durable, comes in three different colors, and you can buy it

Democracy Now: Gig Economy Drivers Strike: Uber Has Built Its $90 Billion Empire on an Anti-Worker Model

NY Times: Uber Driver’s Death Marks Seventh For-Hire Driver Suicide Within a Year (10/2018)

NY Times: How Uber and Lyft Compare, in Four Charts

CNBC: Why Uber Is Losing Money

Joe Rogan Discusses Self Driving Car Deaths with Scientist Lex Fridman

The Verge: Instagram will begin blocking hashtags that return anti-vaccination misinformation

TechRadar: A single student has ‘solved’ the problem of cheap, non-invasive glucose testing

Stanford: Stanford researchers identify brain region activated by Pokémon

Stanford study reveals how our brains react to Pokémon

Nature: Extensive childhood experience with Pokémon suggests eccentricity drives organization of visual cortex

CBS This Morning: Allegations of widespread fraud raise questions about the safety of generic drugs made overseas

CBS Evening News: Generic drug companies sued by 43 states

60 Minutes: Connecticut AG: The impact on the consumer is “devastating”

NY Times: Teva and Other Generic Drugmakers Inflated Prices Up to 1,000%, State Prosecutors Say

CBS This Morning: Sunscreen facts and fictions: Breaking down the science of sun protection

Wired: Sunscreen Chemicals Soak All the Way Into Your Bloodstream

JAMA: Effect of Sunscreen Application Under Maximal Use Conditions on Plasma Concentration of Sunscreen Active Ingredients

CGTN: Hong Kong to cull 6,000 pigs after African swine fever detected

Farm Journals: Tyson Foods Reports Strong Q2; Plans for ASF Impacts

Bloomberg: Pig ‘Ebola’ Virus Sends Shock Waves Through Global Food Chain

Fortune: Tyson Plans to Profit From Tainted Chinese Pork

CBS News: Tyson Foods sees benefits as swine fever ravages Chinese hog farms

USDA Responds to African Swine Fever threat

Dr. Chris Oura – African Swine Fever – a real and present global threat

USA Today: Denver decriminalizes ‘magic mushrooms’ in historic vote

Vice News: How Denver Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms (HBO)

Psycholoy Today: Can Marijuana Improve the Quality of Your Relationship?

Science Daily: One in five people in England harmed by others’ drinking over past year

BMJ: Alcohol-related harm to others in England: a cross-sectional analysis of national survey data

Science Daily: Coffee: How many cups are too much to drink a day?

Long-term coffee consumption, caffeine metabolism genetics, and risk of cardiovascular disease: a prospective analysis of up to 347,077 individuals and 8368 cases

BBC: ‘Adverts don’t show how traumatic cancer is’ – BBC News

EuroNews: Biodegradable bags are not truly biodegradable, new study says

PBS News Hour: How biodegradable plastic bags don’t live up to their name

Environmental Deterioration of Biodegradable, Oxo-biodegradable, Compostable, and Conventional Plastic Carrier Bags in the Sea, Soil, and Open-Air Over a 3-Year Period

The Grayzone: America in denial: Gabor Maté on the psychology of Russiagate

Newsweek: Penis Enlargements Are ‘Ineffective and Risky,’ Leave Men at Mercy of ‘Charlatans,’ Study Finds

Sexual Medicine Reviews: Systematic Review of Surgical and Nonsurgical Interventions in Normal Men Complaining of Small Penis Size

Inverse: UK Couples Are Having Less Sex, Revealing a Deeper, “Disquieting Trend

BMJ: Changes in, and factors associated with, frequency of sex in Britain: evidence from three National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal)

Inverse: Open Relationships: Study Reveals Why Adults Want It More

Tedx: Love Lessons from Open Relationships | Kathy Slaughter | TEDxWabashCollege