Safe Oral Sex & One Solution for Homelessness – HTS 26

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Baby Powder Recall & Safe Oral Sex

Science Glitch & PFAS in California Drinking Water

Bye Bye Vape!

CodeNext Austin

Community First! Village

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ABC News: Duo makes history with first all-women spacewalk

CBS Pittsburgh: Dr. Bernard Fisher Dies At Age 101

NY Times: Dr. Bernard Fisher, Who Revolutionized Breast Cancer Treatment, Dies at 101

CBS New York: Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Due To Asbestos Concerns

Forbes: Here’s Which Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Has Been Recalled, And Why

USA Today: STDs at all-time-high: How did we get here? | Just the FAQs

TechXplore: Team finds glitch that could affect more than 100 scientific studies

C&EN: NMR prediction glitch found and fixed

Chemistry World: Structures in more than 150 papers may be wrong thanks to NMR coding glitch

Wikipedia: Nuclear magnetic resonance

RT America: Widespread toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in California’s drinking water sources TOXIC ‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’ DETECTED IN DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES ACROSS CALIFORNIA

Fox Business: Secretary Azar: People using cigarettes to wean off vaping products

KXAN: Gov. Abbott says homeless ordinance change is good, but the state will still intervene

KUT Austin: CodeNEXT, As Told By LEGOs

Otto Bert: Help stop the next CodeNEXT

CodeNEXT Redevelopment In (and Out) ofNeighborhood Transition Zones

Freethink: The Austin Community Solving Chronic Homelessness

Community First! Village

KVUE ABC: Community First! Village expanding in East Austin | KVUE