Texas Child Transgender Case & Celiac Nanoparticle Treatment – HTS 28

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Rats Driving & River Cleaning Device

Auto Brewery Syndrome & Celiac Nanoparticle Treatment

Texas Child Transgender Case

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Washington Post: Rats are capable of driving tiny cars, researchers found. It eases their anxiety.

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Time: A Dutch Inventor Has Unveiled a Device that Scoops Plastic out of Rivers

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RT America: Judge halts 7-year-old’s sex change, sides with dad

07/09/2019 RT: ‘Nothing’s going to stop me defending my son’ – father of boy who’s set to undergo sex change

Fox News: Case of a 7-year-old who wants to gender transition

CNN: A custody battle between parents who disagree on the gender of their 7-year-old draws attention of Texas politicians

NY Times: Texas Father Says 7-Year-Old Isn’t Transgender, Igniting a Politicized Outcry

BioMed Reserach International: Gender Dysphoria: Bioethical Aspects of Medical Treatment

Spotify: Transgender Benefits

Democracy Now!: Laverne Cox says trans folks are “coming out of the shadows” and won’t be sent back

07/12/2014 Katie Couric: Laverne Cox Interview w/Katie Couric