NYT Reveals We’re All Being Tracked – HTS 44

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France 24: Anonymous British artist Banksy unveils dark nativity scene in Belthlehem

CBS Local News: Slanted Toilet Designed To Stop Workers From Taking Long Bathroom Breaks

USA Today: Uncomfortably sloped toilet designed to flush out procrastinating employees

Good Morning America: Could your Amazon purchase be coming from the trash? | GMA

The Wall Street Journal: You Might Be Buying Trash on Amazon—Literally

University of Iowa: Researchers determine age of last known Homo erectus settlement

Nature: Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong, Java, 117,000–108,000 years ago

Nature: Rumours fly about changes to US government open-access policy

AIP: Scientific Publishers Unite to Oppose Potential Open Access Executive Order

Letter of Concern From Chairman Subcommittee on Intellectual Property

(03/27/2013) Nature: Open access: The true cost of science publishing

NBC News: Federal Study Finds Racial And Gender Bias In Facial Recognition Algorithms | NBC News NOW

The Hill: Racial bias of facial-recognition systems confirmed in federal study

NIST: NIST Study Evaluates Effects of Race, Age, Sex on Face Recognition Software

Cheddar: One Nation, Tracked: New York Times Reveals Investigation Into Biggest Data Leakn

New York Times: You’re Being Watched Right Now

New York Times: One Nation, Tracked