Thousands Leaving California & Amazon Opening Homeless Shelter – HTS 46

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CBS This Morning: Tumbleweeds trap cars on Washington highway

KIRO 7 News: VIDEO: Thousands of Seattle students told to get vaccinated

NBC News: Seattle schools won’t allow unvaccinated students back from winter break

Business Insider: A homeless shelter is about to open inside Amazon’s headquarters. Its director says ‘it’s not on corporations’ to solve the homelessness problem.

Democracy Now: Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 31, 2019

Gothamist: After Years Of Complaints, NYC Will Compensate Jail Visitors Who Were Subjected To Invasive Searches

CNBC Television: California lost 190K residents last year

(09/18/19) FOX 5 San Diego: Activists Call For End To ‘Smart Streetlights’ In San Diego

NBC San Diego: City Is Hiding Data From Smart Street Lights, Lawsuit Claims

The Washington Post: America’s marijuana growers are the best in the world, but federal laws are keeping them out of global markets

PBS NewsHour: Millennials are leaving organized religion. Here’s where some are finding community