New Year, Same Facebook, No 911 – HTS 02

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New Year New Me:

Fire! How New Years eve in The Netherlands turned into a total disaster! (video)
Instagram #newyearnewyou
Instagram #newyearsresolution
Instagram #2019goals
Low Carb Diets Damaging Nations Health
8 Ways to lose Body Fat
Best Way to Stay Fit
Detecting Depression iPhone apps

Facebook & Privacy:

Privacy International (Wikipedia)
Privacy International hits out at unconsented Facebook tracking within apps
New Report Finds that Facebook SDK Automatically Pulls Data from Many Popular Android Apps
How Facebook tracks you on Android (video)

CenturyLink/911 Outage:

911 network restored after ‘technical glitch’ causes mass outage (video)
CenturyLink customers nationwide complained of outages on Dec. 27 (video)
“CenturyLink outage leaves customers unable to call 911 (video)
FCC Investigates Widespread CenturyLink Outage That Disrupted 911 Service