Pentagon’s Carbon Boot Print & Maher on Vaccines – HTS 30

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Surgeon General Weed Warning

Swine Fever & Beef Scare

Coca-Cola/Coke Top Plastic Polluter

Pentagon’s Carbon Boot Print

Maher on Vaccines

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AP: Scientists say quarter of all pigs could die of swine fever

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CBS This Morning: Major cities around the world could be underwater by 2050, report shows

The Real News Network: The Pentagon’s Carbon Boot Print

Watson Institute: Pentagon Fuel Use, Climate Change, and the Costs of War

ResearchGate: Hidden carbon costs of the “everywhere war”: Logistics, geopolitical ecology, and the carbon boot-print of the US military

Huffpost: Bill Maher Says Vaccine-Autism Link Is Not ‘Crazy’: ‘We Don’t Know S**t’n

Forbes: Bill Maher Supports Vaccine-Autism Connection

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime: Ronan Farrow, Rick Stengel, Christina Bellantoni, Dennis Prager, Dr. Jay Gordon (HBO)

ABC 11 Eyewitness News: Earn $3,300 by getting the flu and letting researchers at Duke study you