New Measles Research & End of SAT? – HTS 31

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Alexa Subpoenaed & DNA Testing Kits

Self-Driving Uber Death & End of Smear Tests?

Canadian Meat Exports to China & Lead in Water

New Measles Research

The Yellow Vests

End of SAT?

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Show Notes:

Good Morning America: Many consumers expected to go into debt this holiday season l GMA

RT: Alexa device subpoenaed in murder probe

PBS News Hour: The unexpected applications of at-home DNA testing kits

DTNS: The Big Switcheroo – DTNS 3653 starts at 15:58

Sky News: Is this the end of smear tests?

BBC: Cervical screening: DIY alternative to smear test ‘promising’

Science Daily: Do Celiac families really need 2 toasters?

Gastroenterology: Preparation of Gluten-Free Foods Alongside Gluten-Containing Food May Not Always Be as Risky for Celiac Patients as Diet Guides Suggest

CityNews Toronto: China resumes importing Canadian beef and pork

Global News: The secrets of Canada’s tap water, explained

CTV: Measles could wipe out parts of immune system, according to new study

Science: Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens

Science Immunology: Incomplete genetic reconstitution of B cell pools contributes to prolonged immunosuppression after measles

06/19/19 France 24:France has lowest levels of trust in vaccines globally

01/31/19 CNBC: Why is France protesting? | CNBC Explains

Ruptly: France: Yellow vests clash with police during 50th straight week of protests

PBS News Hour: Why colleges are reconsidering their reliance on standardized tests for admission

FTCvideos: Advice for Social Media Influencers | Federal Trade Commission