Instagram Hiding Likes & Colleges Buying SAT Scores to Scam Students – HTS 32

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Twitter Employees Spying for Saudi Arabia & CDC Vape Study

Colleges Buying SAT Scores to Scam Students

Child Sex Abuse Cases Rising

Instagram Hiding Likes

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CBS News: Amazon to open new line of grocery stores, first in California

Fox News: Former Twitter employees accused of spying for Saudi Arabia

CBS Evening News: Vitamin E acetate linked to recent vaping illnesses

CBSN: Colleges buy student SAT score data to boost exclusivity rates

ABC News: Contaminated donor breast milk linked to premature babies’ infections

WJZ: Child Sex Abuse Cases Treated In ERs Rose More Than 70 Percent In 7 Years, Study Says

CNN: Child sex abuse cases treated in ERs rose more than 70% in seven years, study says

JAMA Network: Emergency Department Admissions for Child Sexual Abuse in the United States from 2010 to 2016

CBSN: Instagram to hide “likes” for some U.S. users

CBS This Morning: Instagram will test making “likes” private in U.S.